Choosing the right Holiday Decorations to Sell Your House

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Choosing the right Holiday Decorations to Sell Your House

The holiday season is here and you have a house to sell. Do you scrooge it out or deck the halls? The festive season can bring some advantages to help you sell your house. Buyers who choose the holidays to look for their new home are often more serious than the summer browsers. Fewer homes are on the market allowing your home to stand out in a smaller selection. Also, it’s a great chance to show off a house with inviting holiday decorations to help you find potential buyers. 

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Holiday Decoration dos and don’ts

Some well-placed holiday decorations may be the personalized touch that persuades a potential buyer to make an offer. After all, what other season brings on the nostalgia for home and hearth quite like the yuletide?  However, be careful not to go too overboard with the decorations. Now is not the time to bring out generations worth of family heirlooms. Consider neutral, winter-themed decorations so that you don’t offend potential buyers with a heavy religious theme.

Put up a tree, but consider a small one that doesn’t distract from the house you want to sell. Avoid any tree that will shed pine needles and give you headaches from the constant clean up. Decorating the tree should also be neutral, but pleasant ornaments such as glass balls or small snowflakes.

Outside decorations should follow the same rules as the inside, but take a careful look at your neighbors’ decor and try to match it. Your potential buyers also want to see if they can fit into the neighborhood, so give them a picture of what decorations are like in your area.

Strategic Decorating

Strategic holiday decorations can show off elements of your home that you want to advertise to potential buyers. Use lights to frame a bay window with a view, draw attention to an archway with mistletoe, draw your buyer’s eyes to the staircase with holly.  If you’re not sure how best decorate for the holidays, calling in a professional to stage your decorations might be your best bet.  Use your decorating to your advantage and holidays just might be especially merry for you this year!

Making the choice to sell during the holidays comes with its own set of challenges and rewards. Asking an experienced realtor such as Kym Talbert whether or not it’s the best decision for your house can help you make the best choice for your festive season.



About the Author: An acknowledged expert in luxury coastal properties with more than fifteen years of real estate experience,  Kym Talbert is devoted to serving the needs of homebuyers and sellers in coastal Orange County. Known for integrity and perseverance, Kym combines unparalleled customer service with a state-of-the-art web marketing presence.

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