Ways to Go Green in Your New Home

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Ways to Go Green in Your New Home

Energy is expensive and the environment is precious. One of the best ways to deal with both problems is to make your home more efficient in the way it uses energy. However, going green also gives you a lot of great benefits. It can save you time, energy, and be overall better for your health. Here are some suggestions on ways to make your home a lean, green, energy-saving machine.

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Consider a Professional Home Energy Audit

You can call a home energy professional to give a personalized report. They also give you tips on how you can save energy in the future. Taking around four hours to complete, your time might be well spent as you continue to save in the future. Think of it like taking your home to the green doctor for a much-needed check up! To find a professional to audit your home check out the department of energy website with a listing of qualified auditors. However, if you’re more of the do it yourself type, there are some simple steps you can take to reduce your carbon footprint as well as your energy bill.

Smart technology

We’ve already talked about the advantages of smart home technology. However, smart technology can also help you save on energy. With a SMART thermostat, you can program to adjust the temperature of your home according to your lifestyle and save on average of 10% on your energy bills.Also, ever get that sinking feeling in your stomach as you drive to work and you can’t remember if you left the stove on? With Smart Technology you can check remotely on your phone and turn off anything you forgot from lights to your stove. Never have a panic attack while driving to your work again. 

Solar Panels 

Another way to go green and save money is to invest in solar panels. It’s smart to manage the energy your house puts out, but with solar panels, your home makes its own energy.  Not only will it save on your energy bill, but you’ll be up for a sweet 30% tax credit. Plus, with coastal Orange County‘s 278 days of sunshine a year, your home is in one of the best locations to take advantage of solar panels.

The benefits of going green in your new home are plenty. Not to mention by reducing your homes energy costs also helps the environment around you. Consider talking with Kym Talbert about ways to make your house better for the environment. Your wallet and your world will thank you.

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