The Mind Body Benefits of Living Near the Ocean

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The Mind Body Benefits of Living Near the Ocean

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As winter begins to roll across the United States, not many people plan to go to the beach.  However, there is more to shorefront property than fun in the summer sun. There are long-term benefits to living beside the ocean year-round.  Several studies now show that living near the beach comes with health benefits such as reduced stress, an incentive for a more active lifestyle, and a mindful spirit.

Stress Management

Living in a large body of water reduces stress. Water brings a sense of peace and rest and blue is a comforting color for most humans that represents peace and calm.  The rhythmic in and out of the sea can perk you up in the morning, and relax you to sleep at night. Cultivating a more mindful state also cultivates emotional and sleep health.  Living by settings full of natural blues between the sky and the sea is like having access natures perfect yoga studio.

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The Sea and Mindfulness

However, the advantages of living by the ocean aren’t only in your head, there are upsides for your physical health too. Unchecked stress can cause problems from headaches to major health issues.  Exercising along the ocean may carry better benefits than hitting the gym. What could be better than a jog with a view? What could be more refreshing than the natural cooling of the wind hitting your body over the waves?

Location is important deciding to buy a home. Do your mind and body a favor and consider the health benefits of living by the ocean.

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