Finding the Right Luxury Real Estate Agent

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Finding the Right Luxury Real Estate Agent

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When you’re preparing to sell your home, you need to find the right representative. As a luxury real estate client, your time, attention, and property are all highly valuable. And even with the most adept agent, selling a home is a time-consuming and complicated process.

So, how do you go about finding a luxury real estate agent who ensure a sale that’s as painless – and profitable – as possible? Read on for some criteria to keep in mind when selecting your luxury real estate agent.

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Starting Your Search

Finding an agent is easy. Especially with the advent of the internet, you have thousands of luxury real estate agent sites at your fingertips – and at least several in your area and market niche. Finding the right agent, however, requires a lot more due diligence.

We recommend asking for referrals. For professional credibility in such a demanding and competitive industry, nothing beats a positive review from friends and family. If you know anyone in your neighborhood who has recently sold or purchased a home, ask them to put you in touch with their agent. If their agent can’t assist you, they will almost certainly be able to offer you a valuable reference to a reliable colleague.

If you’re not able to find an agent estate agent via word of mouth, an alternative is to look online. Of course, this can feel extremely daunting – the ease and convenience of digital research has created the side effect of information overload. In order to reduce the signal-to-noise ratio, first consider your own client profile. Geographical region is an excellent primary sorting criterion. From there, narrow your search with a few other basic parameters, like price range, architectural interest, and any special features about your property. Then, look online for agents with experience selling similar properties.

Selecting Your Specialist

Once you’ve found an agent who specializes in properties like your own, check out their marketing strategy to see if it fits with your expectations. What does their website look like? How do they develop property listings? How do they interact with social media and other online marketing tools? These questions will help you decide whether a real estate agent will be a good fit for your property. Look for an extensive history of real estate sales in your price range and property type as well as longstanding involvement in your community.

This tailored technique is especially important in the luxury real estate market. You need an agent who can effectively represent your home’s unique value. Remember, the best agents will customize based on the needs of their clients and the special features of the property they’re helping to sell.

Another consideration is expertise in architectural details, design trends, and luxury amenities. A competent luxury agent will be able to speak confidently and knowledgeably about your home not only as a property but also as an estate with its own special artistic and design qualities.

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Nailing the Interview

So, you’ve done some research online and found a realtor who seems like a good bet. You’ve scheduled an in-person meeting, but what next? It’s a good idea to take a quick inventory of your preferences before an agent consultation. You’ll be partnering with your agent to sell your home, and will probably be working intensively with them for months. For example, what’s your favored mode of contact? How often would you prefer to “check in” with your agent? Any special scheduling constraints? Any agent worth her salt will be happy to work around your preferences.

When you meet a prospective agent for an initial consultation, it’s a good idea to be as up-front and specific as possible about your needs. Of course, you will also want to be open to suggestions and recommendations – a competent agent will have plenty of ideas for how best to help you sell your home – but your preferences are extremely useful information to any agent working with you.

You will also want to ask detailed questions about marketing for your property. As we’ve discussed, luxury real estate properties are much more exclusive than run-of-the-mill homes, and that affects best practices for marketing them to invested buyers in a specialized market. You want an agent with true expertise in multi-platform marketing strategies, and you should expect an agent who can quickly and effectively develop a customized marketing plan for you.

Finding the Best Fit

These various levels of expertise are important, but it’s also a good idea to consider less-tangible qualities. Successful real estate agents are personable, outgoing, and responsive – their sales record is based on their ability to connect with clients on both sides of the real estate transaction.

You and your agent will be working closely at every stage of the process, which means that you need someone whose personality and working style are a good fit for you. During the consultation, ask yourself whether you’d enjoy touring a property or attending an open house with this agent. If the answer is yes, you may have found yourself the perfect realtor!

Luxury properties are highly individual prospects, and they require a special level of expertise and discernment. Your needs and preferences should always be paramount in this process, and your agent can be an extremely valuable representative. But before you select a real estate agent, make sure you have a sense of what they bring to the table, so you can be sure that you’re making the best choice for your property.

About the Author: An acknowledged expert in luxury coastal properties with more than fifteen years of real estate experience, Kym Talbert is devoted to serving the needs of home buyers and sellers in coastal Orange County. Known for integrity and perseverance, Kym combines unparalleled customer service with a state-of-the-art web marketing presence.

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