Dressing Up Your Pool Area For The Sale

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Dressing Up Your Pool Area For The Sale

A vast majority of California’s luxury homes have beautiful inground pools on their property. Homeowners have many different ways of enhancing the appearance of their pool area — whether they want to make it more attractive to buyers or simply create more enjoyable experiences for themselves and their guests. And according to HouseLogic, a pool could boost a home’s value by as much as 7%. This is especially true for homes in high-end neighborhoods in states with temperate weather, like California and Florida.

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This year, the average starting price of luxury Los Angeles home was $2.1 million; assuming the pool was 7% of the overall value, this means it upped the price tag of that average home by $147,000. With those numbers, the homeowner would have recouped the price of the pool installation and gained revenue. But in a real estate climate where pools are a dime a dozen, it’s important for your property to stand out from the rest. Sometimes, this may mean investing a little more into appearance, but if executed correctly, your supplemental investments will go a long way.

Make It Splash With A Waterfall

If you don’t already have one, adding a waterfall to your existing pool can increase its curb appeal. A waterfall creates a lovely luxury aesthetic, and the peaceful sound of water creates a soothing atmosphere. Furthermore, because waterfalls create consistent currents, it also helps your pool maintain its health and cleanliness by acting as a natural filtration agent.

There are many home commercial services that specialize in creating waterfalls that align with your current pool design. To retain the natural look and feel of a waterfall, many homeowners choose to utilize different types of stone, woodwork, and plants. Check out this comprehensive list of waterfall swimming pools for some design inspiration.

Add Unique Features

If you really want to stand out, you can throw in some unique features and fixtures that are sure to impress. For example, adding a sandbar transforms your outdoor pool into a beachside playground. A sandbar represents fun for everyone, and the value and appeal it brings is much higher than the price tag. Dress your sandbar up with a hammock, lounge chairs, and lights.

You can also accentuate a sandbar with a firepit. A firepit brings a special kind of aura to your poolside. Fireplaces are symbolic of gathering, and creates a meeting ground for your space. Some outdoor fireplaces are connected to inground pools, while others are cordoned arranged chairs for an outdoor lounge.

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Landscape Lighting

Proper lighting can breathe new life into your pool area, and makes all the difference to the ambiance of the space. Use customized lighting to highlight architectural elements that are important to you and prospective buyers. Walkway and ground-level lights provide path illumination and increased safety after hours.

Adding lights inside the pool produces a “wow” effect that’s sure to impress every visitor. When you incorporate energy-efficient LED lighting into your water, it creates a subtle sparkle across the pool. Choose from solid colors or install a light controller system that allows you to adjust the lighting based on the mood and setting. Much like path lights, it helps improve the visibility and safety around the pool area during nighttime use.

Bring In The Furniture

A beautiful daybed and lounge chairs seal the deal. For your pool area, typically one king-sized four-poster piece is enough. These outdoor beds provide style and comfort, and make for the perfect poolside staple. They also help your home appear more livable and socially-oriented. Lounge chairs are just as opulent, which come in a move wider variety of choices. Be sure to place water-resistant tables between each set of lounge chairs.

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