Top Five Features for Luxury Real Estate Listings

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Top Five Features for Luxury Real Estate Listings

Special features that improve the experience of living in a home can have a decisive impact on property value. In this post, we’ll give you the rundown on some of the most valuable features and amenities a luxury home can have.

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1) Stainless Steel and Granite Kitchen Fixtures

HGTV made luxury kitchen redesigns an aspiration for homeowners nationwide, and an updated kitchen is one of the most lucrative renovations you can make to a home you’re hoping to put on the market. However, not all upgrades are created equal. Kitchen fixtures can look especially dated after just a few short years, which means it’s important to stick with classic design features that give an impression of craftsmanship and durability.

Many luxury real estate buyers are seeking professional-quality kitchen setups, including restaurant-quality appliances and high-capacity surface and storage areas. Stainless steel and granite fit the bill, and homes outfitted with stainless-steel appliances sell 15% faster than homes without.

2) Open Plan Design

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Buyers are less invested in the sprawling floor plans that used to characterize conspicuous luxury in real estate – rising energy costs and a desire for convenience are drawing homeowners to more compact designs. However, buyers still share a strong preference for spacious, airy interior spaces. After all, when we picture luxury lifestyles, we usually don’t picture tiny efficiency apartments and cramped kitchenettes.

Open-plan interiors have been popular in California for decades, since the high ceilings and expansive windows are a natural fit for the warm, sunny climate. A mainstay in Orange County architecture and typical of the midcentury modern designs popularized by Southern California architects like Richard Neutra and Albert Frey, open-plan homes offer clients a sense of elegance without seeming ostentatious. The characteristic simplicity and breezy, unrestricted flow make it easy for staging professionals to convert an interior into a blank canvas for prospective clients to tour.

3) Exterior Lighting

Spacious lawns, landscaped gardens, terraced patios, arched windows – it can’t attract much attention from potential buyers if it can’t be seen, right? Exterior lighting boosts the curb appeal of a property, drawing attention from visitors. Extensive illumination also ensures that unique design and landscaping features can take center stage when a property is on the market. Exterior lighting arrangements are also versatile – options include spotlights, pendant lights, and walkway lights.

Benefits go far beyond style. Exterior lighting provides concrete safeguards, with fewer aesthetic tradeoffs than alternatives like a security fence. Safety-conscious buyers will feel much more comfortable making an offer on a home that seems secure. Motion sensor-activated lights combine take this combination of security and showmanship a step further, since prospective buyers will see the system activate as they approach.

4) Palatial Patios

California is famous for beautiful weather year-round, and part of the luxury appeal of Orange County communities is based on their proximity to world-renowned beaches and breathtaking views. Patio and other outdoor spaces are guaranteed to be available for recreation year-round.

For homeowners considering renovations in advance of sale, landscaping and outdoor remodeling are much more cost-effective than a large-scale home addition. Patio and backyard fixtures capitalize on these assets by showcasing the many possibilities for relaxation and entertainment. Backyard spaces can be versatile, as well. Consider an elevated deck, a backyard grilling and kitchen area, or a simple ground-level patio.

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5) Smart Home Technology

Mobile devices are becoming more agile and versatile every year, and app technology is increasingly integrated into quotidian routines. Homeowners can control everything from light bulbs to security systems to home entertainment using their tablets or smartphones. Advantages go beyond convenience and futuristic feel. Residents increasingly prefer to monitor their homes remotely and complete simple chores like shopping online.

Any and all smart-home features are a plus in a property listing, but common favorites include alarm and security systems, temperature control, lighting, media, appliances, locks, intercoms, and overall connectivity. Of course, they’re also a great way to package discussion of a home’s interior and exterior spaces, updated fixtures and systems, and less-tangible qualities like acoustics and ambiance.

Every property has its own unique selling points, and these are just a few of the details that can be highlighted in property listings and in-person tours. But if you’re looking for a suite of special features that will capture interest from discerning buyers, these five should top your list.

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