Selling your Home? Improvements That Can Increase Its Value

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Selling your Home? Improvements That Can Increase Its Value

You might think that reselling your home is a sure way to make a profit, especially since real estate is probably the only commodity that just continues to increase in worth – this is all well and good, but believe it or not, there are a few things you can do on your end on a short term schedule that can boost your home’s appraisal value just before you open it to the market.

The most important thing to note though is that all these changes must be done before you open your house up to the market, any changes done after its appraisal will most likely not contribute to amping up your house’s price unless through an internal arrangement between you and the buyer.

How can we increase your property’s value? Try these 3 simple things:

Well-Cut And Designed Lawn and Open Area

One thing about living in a country with a high population count and dense city populations is the fact that properties with extra land and space outside of the actual house (infrastructure) are hard to come by. This means, if your house has so much as a porch or even just a small strip of land that can be considered as outdoor space, your property’s market value significantly increases.

Make your outdoor spaces more appealing by refurbishing your porch with hardwood flooring and a fresh coat of paint and it’ll automatically impress the appraiser as soon as they step on your property.

You should also maximize your other outdoor spaces. To showcase the entirety of your backyard and lawn trim your plants and bushes in a way that shrinks their size without them looking sparse and remove any decorative pieces you might have that make your lawn and backyard look smaller. Set up your lawn and open areas in an appealing way and your house’s market value will surely shoot up.

Simple Renovations To The Kitchen And Bathroom

Kitchens and bathrooms are the two most-used commonplace for everyone in the family. Since the fixtures in these rooms are vital to everyday life such as the toilet, furnace, and dishwasher, and can only supposedly be found in these rooms, it is vital to make sure that these fixtures are in good condition.

Before having your house appraised, make sure to assess the integrity of the main bathroom fixture your toilet, shower, lighting, and plumbing as well as the kitchen’s important appliances: furnace, cookers/grilles, dishwashers, and a refrigerator or designated space for a refrigerator if it is not built into your kitchen’s design.

Once you have assessed it, do repairs if needed and make sure it all works spectacularly. Why? Moving into a house where they don’t have to do any major repairs and can just focus on settling in is a huge factor to win over buyers.

You don’t have to spend a lot on making your bathroom and kitchen look aesthetically, just make sure everything works and that’ll already be a big green flag for both your potential buyers and your appraiser.

Finish It Off With A Fresh Coat Of Paint

The last thing you should do is apply a fresh coat of paint all over your house (rooms, backyard, etc.) It might seem like a detail that is not relevant but you’d be surprised at how your house’s paint job actually suffered a lot of wear and tear once you begin applying a fresh coat of paint and seeing the difference. 

One important tip before embarking on repainting all the walls in your house is to scrape off your old paint, old paint on top of new paint decreases the effect that a fresh coat of paint will give to your walls looking “new”.

Your appraiser will thank you for making it look like a brand new home and it’ll be easier for your buyers to feel like your property is well-maintained because they’re seeing a clean and nice exterior. Trust us, a fresh coat of paint might as well seal the deal!

Final Thoughts

Remember that while it is your old and familiar home, to its next owners, it is a brand new home that signifies the start of another chapter in their life. While you don’t have to replace everything in your house with something new, apply these few changes that will no doubt give your house, not just a fresh aesthetic but also the feeling of it being “new”. Giving off this feeling will appeal to potential buyers more than impressive and pricey gimmicks that you may think of when doing your selling preparations and repairs.


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