How To Prepare For A Move

How To Prepare For A Move

Finding a home can be a very stressful process, and the thought of finally being able to move to your new home is an exciting milestone for every homeowner. However, before you can actually move, there is a long list of things that needs to be thought of, considered, and planned.

Here are some tips on how best to prepare for your move:


Take Inventory Of Your Things

Moving is a great opportunity of getting rid of the things that you do not use anymore. Before starting the process of packing, take inventory of your stuff and throw it away, and donate the things that you do not use anymore. This would make it easier and take less time to pack and unpack and that you are not bringing stuff that would just collect dust in storage.

Hire Help

Hiring movers to help you with your move may seem like a luxury, but having them help you on your moving day would outwith the cost it takes to hire them. There are a lot of options available depending on what you would need. Some homeowners opt to just hire the moving men and moving truck and do most of the work, but there are also full-scale options that would help with the end-to-end process from packing to unpacking to make your move hassle-free.

Do A Deep Cleaning

Doing a deep clean before you move in is essential, regardless of the house is brand new or had previous occupants. If the house was previously occupied, even if the old homeowners cleaned, you might still want to check the house out for last-minute cleanings such as cleaning hard to reach spots for dust, the appliances, roof, and gutters, and other hard to reach places may not have been cleaned. The same goes for new houses, the builders and contractors should have cleaned up after all the work is completed, however, this may not be up to your standards as a homeowner. You can do the cleaning yourself or hire professional cleaners with specially designed services for move-in and move-out to do it for you.

Set Up Utilities and Other Services

It is best to ensure the set-up of your utilities and other services prior to your actual move. If you are moving to a new house nearby and are still under the coverage of your current gas and electric, phone, cable, and internet service providers you can easily request to move your existing services to your new home. If you are relocating and need new providers for all services, you would need to start the process early since not all providers can accommodate last-minute installation schedules.

Update Your Mailing Address

This is actually one of the things that a lot of people overlook. Most homeowners tend to just leave forwarding addresses, however having the forethought of changing your mailing addresses before your actual move would make it easier and ensure you can easily be contacted by banks, insurance providers, and other relevant services and avoid missing out on important communication and notifications.

Familiarize Yourself With Your New Neighborhood

Do a walkthrough or drive around before your actual move. Familiarizing yourself with the nearest hospital, police station, pharmacy, grocery stores, gym, and restaurants would make your transition to your new home effortless. This would also help you save time and not get lost when you start going about your daily routine.

Pack A ‘First Day” Box

Unpacking all your belongings can be time-consuming. You would want to do this right and not just put your stuff in temporary places and have to move them around again after a few weeks. Some homeowners take weeks or even months just to unpack all their belongings. One pro tip that would save you from the pressure of having to unpack everything on your first day just to make your house “livable” is packing a “first-day” box. This would contain all the essentials that you would literally need on your first day and everything that you would need to prepare your home. 

Final Thoughts

In the height of your excitement, there may be a few things that slipped your mind when preparing for your move. Preparing a list of things that you would need would make the process easier, if not stress-free for you. Most of the items on the list are not time-consuming and doing them in advance would help avoid last-minute headaches so you can focus on celebrating your move to your new house.

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